Amish Custom Sheds and Gazebos, Mt. Airy, Maryland

Maryland Sheds! Portable Structures! Built by the Amish and delivered anywhere in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the Panhandle of West Virginia

We deliver FREE to anywhere within 30 miles of our location in Mt. Airy, Maryland: that is, anywhere in Maryland west of 695 and 495 and east of Hagerstown. Reasonable mileage charges apply for deliveries outside that area. Please call for details: 301 607-8284.

Gable Style | Cottage Style | Barn Style

Our sheds and portable structures are available in a host of designs using painted wood or vinyl siding, with or without windows, extra doors, finished flooring, walls and ceilings, etc. Below are some examples of our work. These are wooden sheds except the ones noted as vinyl. Available sizes range from 6'x8' to 14'x52'.

Gable Style Amish Sheds

12x20 Stafford Two-Story - wood


10x16 Manor - vinyl with stone facing


8x16 Cape Cod w/brick - vinyl

10x16 Manor Offset - wood


8x14 Cape Cod - wood


10x16 Villager - vinyl

10x16 Quaker Porch - vinyl


10x16 Quaker - vinyl


10x16 Manor Offset - vinyl

10x16 Manor Offset with Porch - vinyl


10x16 Gable with Porch - vinyl


10x14 Manor - wood

10x12 Gable Build Out with Stoop - vinyl


10x12 Manor - vinyl


8x12 Manor Offset - vinyl

12x20 Gable Garage - wood


10x12 Gable - wood


10x12 Villager - wood

10x12 Quaker - wood


12x18 Gable with porch - wood


10x16 Gable with offset porch - wood

10x20 Carriage Shed with double doors


10x14 Saltbox with offset porch - wood


12x18 Gable - fir shake

8x12 Gable with porch and dormer - wood


12x24 Gable - fir shake


12x20 Gable Garage - beaded vinyl

12x20 Gable Garage - vinyl with side door and windows


10x12 Gable Garden - wood with oversized windows


10x10 Gable - vinyl


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Cottage Style Amish Sheds

8x14 Cottage - wood



10x14 Cottage - vinyl



Barn Style Amish Sheds

14x24 Two-Story Grand Rapids - vinyl


14x24 Two-Story Grand Rapids - vinyl


8x14 Barn 4' wall - wood

8x12 Barn 4' wall - wood w/Cupola


10x16 Barn 6'6" wall - wood


10x12 Barn 5' wall- vinyl

10x14 Barn 6' wall - wood


10x14 Barn 4' wall - wood


10x14 Barn 6'6" wall - vinyl

12x16 Barn Garage - 6'6" wall with side door and window - wood
12x24 Barn Garage 6'6" wall with side door and windows - vinyl

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